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Introducing Steve Cook and the Long Anticipated "DEBT FREE INVESTING" Webinar Series!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever heard of a debt free investor that’s gone bankrupt?

Well… neither have we.

Now I want you to take a minute and imagine this scenario… If you were able to tap into the same deals that the “every day” investors make, but you were able to do it without adding the debt to your column of liabilities…. do you think you’d make more money?

Do you think you’d be able to do it with a lot less stress?

Well we’ve been teaching a closed group of investors how to find and create deals that are completely debt free. Not only that but we’ve showed them how to eliminate the CURRENT debt that a lot of them had in a simple, systematic fashion.

But that’s not even the best part. We’ve discovered that you can find the same amount of good deals… but you can close them quicker while making a larger profit. I know. If you’re anything like me it sounds crazy.

But Let Me Tell You How I Stumbled On All of This…

When Steve Cook started his REI business he started making deal after deal. A few grand here… a few grand there. It was easy money. So he continued to repeat the process over and over again.

At the start… $20,000 would give him MONTHS to live off. As he continued to build up his REI business… you know… just like all the “successful REI’s” that APPEAR to be making it big… he quickly found out that the same $20,000 wouldn’t even last him a few weeks. He was FORCED to make deals just to pay his bills and keep food on the table.

He took a step back and realized where he went wrong very quickly. SURE he was making a lot of money.. but he accrued so much debt that he was forced to keep up with his “success”. Being a savvy businessman he formulated a plan to eliminate the debt and find deals that he could make that added absolutely no debt to his column.

The results were absolutely shocking….

How He Eliminated $4.5 Million in so called “Good Debt”…

That’s right… $4.5 million dollars in debt. The same debt that most real estate investors tell you is perfectly fine to pick up. But in just a few moments I’ll let you know why it’s absolutely NOT the case. From there he continued to find deals that only worked with no debt. Making them no brainers “cash in the pocket” style of deals.

But don’t take it from Steve.

I personally used his system to clear up close to $1,000,000.00 of debt. But don’t take it from me either….

Steve has delivered this system to a dozen lucky real estate investors who payed thousands of dollars a month for this information. They’ve all had similar results. But this group of coaching students is full AND closed to the public.

So until recently…. it was impossible to get this information from Steve. He never opened it up to the public. But you’re going to find out how you can put to use the same system to clear up any debt that you have for good. If you have none yet.. GREAT! We’ll show you how to invest without getting any debt.

You’re about to find out exactly how you can invest in real estate with out spending a single dime of your own money… and with absolutely no debt. None. This is important though…. you aren’t going to tone down the amount of deals your going to do. It’s not going to be more difficult to find deals. In fact, you’ll be getting deals done so fast, you’ll be able to sit back and cherry pick the GOOD deals that you want to work on. The ones that really line your pocket. That’s what “No Debt” investors do..

The “No Debt Investing” System!

We got Steve to finally sit down and document the entire process of how he eliminated over $4.5 Million in debt, and how he applied his new “No Debt” investing strategies to his business.

Inside you’ll find 5 power-packed sessions where Steve Cook spills it all. Additionally Steve put on a Live Hands-on Workshop that takes the debt free investing game even further. Showing you how to methodically convert everything you do to incorporate strategies that don’t cost a dime.

“Thanks for everything Steve and Shaun! Thanks for opening my eyes to a correct way of investing. I will create a vision and be a slave no more.”
Craig Ordaz - Workshop Attendee
“Real world training up close and personal. Honesty and Integrity filled the event. I like the way Shaun cares about helping people.”
William Thurston - Workshop Attendee

Here’s a few things you’ll discover…

  • One FOOL-PROOF method to closing an entire deal in 24 hours…an overnight payload.
  • The Four-Stage process to unleashing the ultimate wealth on your REI business, used by Steve to eliminate $4.5 million in debt.
  • How debt free investing with increase your ROI (or M.I.P… “money in pocket”) and decrease time & effort spent.
  • You’ll be able to pick and choose what deals you want. Cherry pick the best deals, so you work less and earn more.
  • You’ll discover how to obtain 10x rentals that generate 1k+/mo, all without a single dime of debt, and you’ll do this within the span of 365 days… Guaranteed.
  • Where your focus should be as a debt free investor (and I know it’s not what you think.. most REI’s get this completely wrong!)
  • How to tell the traditional methods to SHOVE-IT, and build a business that lines your pockets with cash, not one that creates the “illusions of wealth”.
  • The “Golden Rule” of debt-free investing. The one and only thing it takes for you to transition to debt free investing.
  • That you don’t need a single dime to start. Although after your first few Debt-Free deals, you’ll have pltny of excess cash to use however you wish!
  • 5+ Tips that a professional seller uses to close the sale everytime. This is how you will create a gauranteed payday consistently each time you hold a property.
  • When you work a debt free deal you want to be the ______________! Discover what gives you the msot control, leverage, and opportunity while eliminating your exposure to risk.
  • Five methods you’ll yse as your blueprint to entering the Debt Free world. Escape from the stress and worry of looming debt (even if it’s so called “Good Debt”) and profit even more.

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“Gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start planning the rest of my life. Plus it gave me the tools to start clarifying my vision!”
Gerald Woodike - Workshop Attendee


Your Investment Today

Until now this course was only available to Steve’s top end coaching students who paid thousands of dollars a month to be students. That group is currently full and closed off to public, so you couldn’t even join even if you wanted.

So what’s it going to cost to get your hands on this?

You wouldn’t be wrong to expect it to cost a few thousand dollars. Because recently Steve put on a workshop and charged a high ticket for people to show up. You wouldn’t be wrong to expect to pay a high price either.

But Steve and I are known for giving extreme value. That’s why we’re practically giving this system away for only $297.00. One-time payment. 

That means you’re getting your hands on the rare business-changing information that only a dozen lucky investors got their hands on (and continue to pay thousands of dollars each and every month), for only one easy payment of $297.00. Your first “No-Debt” deal will cover this tiny investment cost.

In fact we’re so confident we’re going to Guarantee you get results….

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal… The “No Debt Investing” system has been proven to work. Steve used it with huge success. I used it. And a dozen coaching students have used it to make remarkable change in their business and life.

That’s why we’re willing to take on ALL the risk.

Order today and you won’t risk a single penny of your purchase. Put the system to use and close a deal in your first 30 days that recoups your investment (and then some..) or we’ll refund every single penny.

If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy. So either you get results or we don’t want your money. We’ll promptly refund every penny if you aren’t the least bit satisfied.

Sound fair?


Here’s what you’ll get with your $297.00
  • Session #1 - Why Debt Free Investing?  Learn Steve’s Story of How he Became Completely Debt Free (to the tune of $4,500,000!)
  • Session #2 - How to Create Joint Ventures & How the Agreements Work
  • Session #3 - How to Collect a Free & Clear Rental Portfolio through JV Relationships
  • Session #4 - How to Find all the Private Money You Could Ever Need
  • Session #5 - Live Q&A Coaching Call – Get ALL Your Questions Answered!!

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A Few Remarkable Bonuses… Let Us Sweeten The Deal

We wanted to make this the most complete resource that will transform any investor into a top-end investor that rakes in cash deal after deal.

So here’s what else you’re going to get…

  • Live Call – “The 4 Stages to Financial Prosperity” – a $97 Value
    This will lay the foundation of how and why No Debt investing works and shows you the 4 stages you’ll go through as an investor. It will reveal how to win at each stage and amplify your efforts with investing.
  • The “Job Elimination Plan” ebook by Steve Cook – a $97 Value
  • Two Free Tickets to one of our upcoming events or bootcamps. – $1994 Value
  • The exact tools and forms that Steve uses in his Debt Free REI business. $297 Value
  • An easy $2,485 value
“The Debt Free Investing info was great. It was generous of you to share sample agreements. Thanks for also sharing all your personal stories & experiences. As always you delivered great content in a fun, interactive format.”
Lucy Fink - Workshop Attendee
“Very Inspiring. Very out of the box. Really opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking.”
Anonymous - Workshop Attendee

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I also know that my order is 100% Guarantee and I have absolutely no risk. If the “No Debt Investing” system doesn’t work, I can have my order refunded within 30 days of ordering.

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